Reference example

  • Project reference:

  • Contaminated site exemption management

  • Client:

  • Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Saxony

  • Construction schedule:

  • 2009 - today

  • Project objective:

  • Project management regarding contaminated site exemption


    Prof. Burmeier Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH was commissioned in 2008 to manage the project as a working group in ARGE AFC Saxony on the basis of the general contract for the conclusive financing of environmental contaminated sites in Freistaat Saxony.

    Within the scope of this project, Prof. Burmeier Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is responsible for the management of each required exploratory and investigation measure, the planning and remediation work as well as construction management, on-site construction supervision, and technical specific monitoring deliverables for more than 200 former industrial sites, including operational and abandoned landfills. Fiscally, the main focus is showing the financial transactions of the steps taken in preparing the provision of public funds by the Free State of Saxony.

    The goal of finance management is, in particular the compliance of cost-related project objectives. This is done by an appropriate budget management and monitoring while taking into account public procurement regulations, budgetary rights and contract law. To handle the extensive quantities of data, the data is managed in an AFM database system and is overseen by a procedure-time-cost planning design.


    In addition to these tasks, Prof. Burmeier Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH provides the subproject management for the financial administration techniques and manages the database system "Contaminated site exemption management" (AFM). For example, some subprojects that are highlighted are the federally-owned exempted sites, the large-scale environmental project of Böhlen, and the sites at the oil refinery, Baufeld-Mineralölraffiniere GmbH, which includes the company grounds and the former acidic resin waste dump.



     Reference example

  • Project reference:

  • BusinessPark Wedel

  • Client:

  • City of Wedel

  • Term of execution:

  • 2006 - today

  • Project objective:

  • Project management


    As a basis of the remediation plan from the City of Wedel, Prof. Burmeier Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH was commissioned for further extensive tasks of project planning and project management to implement the takeover of the former oil refinery of Wedel from ExxonMobil and to implement additional site development:

     Updating the redevelopment framework plan within a remediation plan, in compliance with the § 13 Federal Soil Protection Act

    • Detailed investigation of the 2nd groundwater aquifer
    • Detailed investigation in remediating a partial area of the harbor
    • Consulting during the creation of the project company
    • Preparing a spatially distributed model with help from GIS (geographic information system) to determine cubic volume
    • Calculating cost and appraisal for the property transfer from ExxonMobil
    • Collaborating on negotiations for the purchase price
    • Participating in the preparation of the purchase contract, notarial certification, the remediation contract, and the final agreement with ExxonMobil
    • In liaison with specific consultants (tax consultants, auditors, specialized attorneys, etc.)
    • Coordinating with the committees of the City of Wedel
    • Collaborating with the public relations of the City of Wedel.




     Reference example

  • Project reference:

  • BUGA 2019 Heilbronn

  • Client:

  • Bundesgartenschau 2019 Heilbronn GmbH

  • Term of execution:

  • 01/2013 - 03/2019

  • Project objective:

  • Technical consulting and technical project management of the planning and implementation


    Prof. Burmeier Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH was commissioned by the Bundesgartenschau 2019 Heilbronn GmbH to provide expert technical consulting and technical project management for earthworks, waste disposal, unexploded ordnance, remediation, excavation, and hydraulic construction projects. The objective of the consulting services is to examine the planning, tendering and implementation of the project and to assist it in an advisory capacity. In the context of the overall BUGA 2019 project, this enables the project to be implemented within budget, in due time and in due quality.

    The city of Heilbronn will host the Federal Garden Show in 2019, which will be located west of the city center. The city will subsequently develop an area of approximately 40 hectares as a new district of Neckarbogen. Since the mid-19th century, the area has been used as a railway, commercial area, and port area. During this period, the installation and filling of harbor basins before and after the second World War, significant effects of wars, and the subsequent reconstruction has had a significant impact on the area. With the Federal Garden Show, a revitalization of the inner-city area can be achieved with substantial park and residential facilities being established in relation to the Neckar River as a historical lifeline to the old imperial town of Heilbronn. At the same time, extensive infrastructure measures (bridges and road construction) as well as major public and private measures are being implemented, including the expansion of the Bildungscampus College and the expansion of the Experimenta Learning Center which are located near BUGA:

    Our services:

    • Reviewing draft assessments, reports and plans with regard to feasibility, target achievement, construction process planning and budgeting
    • Reviewing bulk and cost estimates with risk assessments
    • Identifying alternative approaches or optimizing concepts; including cost estimation
    • Examining draft implementation plans of all subprojects
    • Technical examination of tender documents to submit as proposals, according to VOB, VOL and VOF
    • Providing consultation on allocating construction and waste disposal services
    • Providing specific technical consultation on explosive ordnance investigations
    • Collaborating in project approvals
    • Providing follow-up management in supporting the client’s construction management
    • Providing document verification and geotechnical reports


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